TheHomeNetwork.net is a Virtual Village that provides a social network and a caring network to support the residents of our community. Since the lack of vibrant social connections is a greater detriment to health than obesity, smoking and high blood pressure, we strive help our members to remain active and healthy. The caring side of our network springs from our social network and addresses the need for fellowship, assistance and physical services when we are not able to provide these things for ourselves.

A Virtual Village?

The HomeNetwork Approach

Our goal is to build a community of all ages and ethnicities, where neighbors support neighbors and ageing in place is simply a normal part of life.  We are a grass roods organization working to create a virtual village green where people come to meet friends, engage in social activities and find support in dealing with life’s day to day stresses.

Our Story

Paul and Sharon’s vision for The HomeNetwork came many years ago when caring for elderly parents and a disabled relative. At the time, webcams were in their infancy. The idea of monitoring and helping someone remotely seemed like science fiction at the time. Yet today, just a few years later, it is a reality.  Adoption of this new technology, however, has been slow.

Why?  We believe it is the people factor.  Technology alone is not enough.  That’s why we provide a personal walkthough and assessment and assist not only those who are aging in place but also their caregivers. Although we advocate for the use of smart technology, voice recognition and the internet of things without the support of neighbors and friends and the human touch, they are simply fancy gadgets of questionable value.

Meet the Team

We are The HomeNetwork folks who can help you.


Paul Joslin

Founder and Executive Director

Paul is an accomplished sailor and artist of many talents. Paul has an uncanny sense of service to others and is relied upon by many in his community as the guy who shows up without hesitation.


Sharon Pekar Joslin, APRN

Chief Medical Officer

Sharon started with Mother Baby as a Certified Lactation and Pediatric RN, but has branched into the community serving the most vulnerable populations in the New Haven, CT area.


Amy van der Clock

Chief Technology Officer

Amy is the swiss army knife who sees large tablets of paper and a sharpie as essential as water.


Arthur Landry

Wireless Technician

Arthur is a 40 year IT veteran who is an expert in home wireless through his experience in Optimum.  He understands the Wireless and Television side of the business as well as phones, tablets and peripherals

Next Steps…

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