Our Number One Product is Community

Community empowers people to overcome obstacles that appear insurmountable. Our goal is to allow people to accomplish those things they can not do alone.

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We sell solutions not products

We look for products that solve problems.  It's the people in the village, professionals, neighbors, friends and family that keep us healthy and vibrant.  Technology and the virtual products that surround it are simply tools that keep us connected and secure and aging in place. Our pledge is keep advertising and annoying popups to a minimum  only allowing them on our shameless commerce page and only by entering our web store.

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Caregiver Corner

Taking care of others is the heart and soul of any community. Everyone in the community can be a care giver, even if it is a simple call to a friend or an acquaintance in need. You never know when a cheerful hello will make someone's day.

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Since 1993

We are a community 

Our mission is to become a neighborhood social center and a resource center where neighbors get together to support individuals and families through life's good times and life's challenges.

We accomplish our mission through the intelligent application of technology and good old fashioned neighbor helping neighbor. Computers and smart devices are wonderful tools, however, without the the aid of friends and family, they are simply another piece of electronic wizardry.

We also help provide guidance related to healthy living options including:

    • In home independent living assessment
    • Life skills coach
    • Periodic health monitoring and assessment




We strive to build community one neighbor at a time.  When you join our group you become a member of a caring community.  Joining is easy, simply click the button to the right.