Qardio Blood Pressure Monitor

We always talk about watching something raises you blood pressure as a joke.  I found out (luckily not the hard way) that it is REAL.  I recently purchased a FANTASTIC Quardio Blood Pressure cuff.  On December 7 (Pearl Harbor Day) there was a college basketball game called the “Crosstown Shootout” which is in Cincinnati with Xavier University(my daughter’s alma mater and my favorite team) vs University of Cincinnati (the large public university home of Oscar Robertson among others).

During the morning my blood pressure read 121/801 pulse of 70

136/66 pulse of 63

134/83 pulse of 61..good reading a hair high

Once the game started at 5:00 PM, I started getting the following readings

187/105 pulse of 95

180/107 pulse of 89

189/108 pulse of 75

185/114 pulse of 81

195/73 pulse of 75

I almost called the doctor ..once game over (and a victory by Xavier) pulse was

127/69 pulse of 77

128/78 pulse of 53-  Great readings

I must find a way to deal with this as there are 20 more games left but it is good to know.  Thankfully I am not a big baseball or football fan so this is my only stimulus.

Food for thought

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